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For everyone who receives workers' compensation benefits, it is important to understand the basics about your claim. Workers' compensation law is complex without assistance from a lawyer. At Ullasini Joy Dholakia, APC Attorney at Law, we help individuals understand the legal issues involved in a workers' compensation claim.

Workers' Comp Benefits, Treatment And More: The Basics

A broad range of injuries can be covered under workers' compensation. If you have been injured at work in an accident, developed an injury as the result of repetitive movement or motion, fallen or aggravated a pre-existing injury, you may qualify for workers' compensation insurance benefits.

Here's what you should know about workers' comp:

1. You can choose your doctor from a network of medical providers. Unlike what you might hear from your employer, you can choose what doctor to see to treat your injuries. You are not forced to see the doctor recommended by your employer.

2. If you are denied medical treatment, seek legal advice. Oftentimes our clients face situations where medical treatment, access to medication and other related issues are denied. If this happens, it is important you have an attorney representing your interests.

3. Injuries come in all shapes and sizes. It's a common misconception that injuries only occur because of accidents. Injuries can develop over time from repetitive motions, or movements can aggravate pre-existing conditions causing further injuries. Exposure to hostile work conditions can lead to mental and emotional injuries that may qualify under workers' compensation coverage.

4. An attorney can help acquire fair compensation. Working with a lawyer throughout the legal process can ultimately help you get maximum results for your case. A lawyer knows the nuances of the law, how to deal with challenges and how to protect an individual's rights.

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